Toy buying gift guide

Toy buying gift guide

how to buy the correct toy for a gift or your loved one. When buying a childrens toy the first consideration is age of child and what they are already interested in. Then from these two points one can start to home in on toys around those two crudentials. Age is very important to match the toy correctly with the childs safety and development level. Age is especially important under the age of 3 with more stringent testing. Once the age level has been set, the next consideration is what the child is into, currently playing with or which programmes the child is watching. For example the child is into construction obvious lego is a good idea but if the child is under three years old then maybe duplo would be more suitable. Conversley if the child is into lego duplo and now is 4 years old then lego maybe a good advancement. The other considerations are child development and encouragement challenging the child in a controlled way. The other consideration is what the gift buyer likes. With all these considerations a store visit to view, touch and feel and consult with the toy sales executives may be a wise choice.

Toy buying guide ages and type of product

0-1 years     still very young so plush toys, activity gyms, tummy time, playmats, floor based toys and electronic toys.

1-2 years    The motion stage sitn ride toys, building toys, more electronic interactive toys, dolls.

2-3 years   Getting older my first scooters, jigsaws, electronic interactive toys, wooden role play and puzzles.

3-4 year    Above the three year old safety threshold the choice opens up vehicles, scooters, bikes ,dolls, figures, roleplay toys, 

4-5 years   lego, craft, action figures, 

5 years and up jigsaws, board games, craft, action figures, 

8 years and up model kits, jigsaws, trading card games, puzzles, drawing, craft kits, 

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