Wasgij and jan van haastern puzzles

Wasgij and jan van haastern puzzles are produced by jumbo puzzles one of the biggest jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in the world.

What is a wasgij jigsaw puzzle.

A wasgij jigsaw puzzle is a comic style of jigsaw that needs imagination to complete not the picture on the box but what the characters are seeing coming towards them (original), or what is going to happen next (destiny) or solve the mystery to complete the next scene (mystery).

What is a jan van haasterm puzzle?

Jan van Haasteren is a popular and well-known Dutch comic strip artist, known for Baron van Tast and Tinus Trotyl, among others. In the ‘eighties, Jan came into contact with Jumbo, a game and puzzle manufacturer and the rest is history.

For decades, Jan van Haasteren has created highly detailed, colourful and, above all, humorous illustrations.

Most of Jan’s fans will immediately search for his trademark shark’s fin that is featured in every puzzle.

In order to meet the growing demand for Jan van Haasteren puzzles, the ‘Jan van Haasteren studio’ was established. Joining forces with Jan, talented illustrators work on the latest, hilarious puzzle images.

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